Check out the amount GST is applied to the mailing station account during withdrawal and deposit.

On the off chance that you have a record with the mailing station, there’s a piece of significant data for you. India Post Payment Banks has now decided to pull out, deposit, and charge AEPS (Aadhaar Based Payment System). The new rule will be implemented on 1 April 2021. Withdrawal is free fourfold month to month on the off chance that you have an essential ledger. Then, at least 25 rupees or 0.50 percent of the value will be deducted as a charge on every exchange.

There will be no charge for depositing in Basic Saving Accounts. In case there are reserve funds (excluding essential bank account) or bookkeeping with the mailing station, then the withdrawal of up to 25000 thousand during a month is After the intersection of the breaking point, 0.50 percent of the value or at least 25 rupees should be paid on every exchange. In the event that you attend deposit in such a record, it additionally features a cutoff. Up to 10 thousand rupees are often deposited free of charge month to month. For depositing quite that, 0.50 percent of the value or at least 25 rupees should be paid on every exchange.

Instructions to charge on Aadhaar based exchange

Discussing Aadhaar based AEPS exchanges, unlimited exchanges are completely free on India Post Payment Bank’s network. Three exchanges a month are free on non-IPPB networks. This includes depositing cash, pulling out, and pulling out small statements. Then the charge will be deducted from the exchange. After as far as possible is completed, all exchanges will be charged Rs 20 for depositing the money. The exchange charge is Rs 20 even on withdrawals.

GST charge separately

Aside from this, the charge for removing the smaller than normal statement is 5 rupees. After as far as possible, the transfer charge will be 1% of the exchange sum, a limit of Rs.20 to at least Rs.1, for the transfer of assets. GST isn’t included in the above-mentioned charges. It seems different. This warning has been issued by India Post on 1 March. Customers are informed about this through a message.

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